Lavender Organic Oil 薰衣草 (有机)

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Ingredients: 100% pure and natural Lavender Organic Oil


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Botanical name: Lavandula augustfolia

Ingredients: 100% pure and natural Lavender Organic Oil


Lavender oil is probably the best known of all the essential oils, due to the number of conditions that Lavender can assist. Lavender is appreciated for its balancing & calming, soothing and healing properties.


  • Soothes and heals skin
  • Promote restful sleep
  • Acts as a painkiller
  • Freshen the air
  • Acts as antiseptic

Folk Use: Promotes calm, tranquil and general sense of well being.  Balances the bodies deficiencies. Suit all skin types. Antiseptics, antibacterial, useful for sunburn, burns, bee sting.


  1. Topical: Use 1-2 drops, dilute with a carrier oil or lotion, apply to desired area.
  2. Aromatic: : Inhale the aroma diluted in diffuser

Primary Actives: Linalyl acetate, Linalol, Lavendulol

Color: Clear with a tinge of yellow

Consistency: Thin

Perfumery Note: Top/Middle

Strength: Medium

Aromatic Profile: Floral, fresh, sweet, herbaceous

Plan Part Used: Fresh flowers, leaves

Process: Steam distillation from flowering tops

Precautions: Refer to Safety and Precautions page.

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