OKA Air Detoxifier

Oka Air Detoxifier (Best Invention 8 in 1 Air Purifying Technology)

Just Place this in your home or workplace and feel the difference in the air, immediately. The Oka Air Detoxifier does things that ordinary air purifiers cannot do.

A Proven way to Disinfects, neutralizes and decomposes toxic chemical (VOCs), bacteria & viruses, odor, mold and fungus, dusts and airborne allergens up to 99.99%

RM4,388.00 RM3,888.00



  • The only Air Detoxifier that combined conventional air filtration and proven active technology
  • Able to kill viruses and bacteria while floating in the air
  • Come with Air Sanitisation Mode (Away Mode) for effective sanitization and cleaning if there is infection
  • 24 hours x 365 days protection
  • Most affordable active air purification
  • NASA based technology
  • Proven ozone technology to kill corona viruses
  • Large area of coverage from 250sq ft to 3,500sq ft
  • Suitable for home, offices, hostels, warehouses and factories
  • Used and recommended by large corporations, hotels and SMEs
  • Latest technology in air purification


OKA Air Detoxifier 8 in 1

  1. Pre-Filter (filter dust and larger particles)
  2. High-Efficiency HEPA Filter (filter bacteria and virus at 0.3micron)
  3. Activated Carbon Filter (filter odors)
  4. Titanium Photocatalytic Oxidation Filter (kill corona virus, removal of chemicals, VOCs, bacteria and airborne contaminants actively in the air) – NASA based technology
  5. Germicidal UVC lamp (kills and prevent bacteria breading in the filters)
  6. UV Ionizer (negative & positive ions) – (bind and clear dust in the air & spreading active cleaning upto 60ft)
  7. High Plasma Ionizer (bind and clear dust in the air)
  8. Ozone (kill corona virus, remove smell, odor, cigarettes smell, chemicals, bacteria and virus) – active cleaning

12 months Warranty by Okamizu on manufacturing defect. Details please refer to Okamizu Malaysia Official website.

Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 35 × 25 × 30 cm


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