MY SENSES – Our Brand Story

2003 - Our Humble Beginning​

Fascinated with the use of natural therapy to enhance beauty and wellness, Yvone Yap has started taking herbs and vitamins since 18 years old (Year 1992). At that time, her knowledge of nutrition and beauty was gathered through newspaper and books.

“I am passionate about nutrition, beauty and natural therapies to enhance ones wellness and beauty! Because I love what I do, I have a steady source of motivation that drives me to do my best to challenge myself daily and learn new knowledge and skills that helped me to be better at my work!” ~ Yvone Yap, founder of My Senses.

As time went by, Yvone started off with an idea of helping more people to gain more knowledge and skills through proper education in the wellness and beauty industry.  The birth of Sense & Style Beauty Academy in year 2003 with her husband Mr. Sunny Ng and several partners, has nurtured those who would like to be trained to be professional makeup artist, beauticians, nail technicians, and nutrition consultants. We have successfully groomed more than 9,000 students up to date with the aspiration of helping more people to look better and feel better.

2005 - Discovering the benefits of aroma oils

A year where Yvone first encountered essential oils and deeply fell in love with the benefits of the aromatic oils. As a consumer of the essential oil, Yvone discovered that the essential oils have the ability to affect the emotions, body, mind and spiritual at the same time.

2020 - Partnership with the passionate and professional team

The turning point is when she realized is time to provide the proper knowledge and skills to fully utilize the oils. The proper way of using oils is so crucial as more and more people are exposing themselves to the oils and the risk of buying adulterated oils have been alarming.

Yvone is so grateful to have sourced the best education and product development team to develop the blended oils and single notes that are pure, natural and 100% authentic oils to cater to the rapidly growing market and provide consumers with safe and high-quality essential oil products.

Let us at My Senses intrigue your senses with our oils.  

My Senses Brand

My Senses is identified with a “5 leaf clover” in which each leaf symbolizes faith, hope, love, luck and abundance for the finder like you!

My Senses utilizes natural therapies to work holistically on the mind, body and spirit creating balance, healing and a profound sense of wellbeing!

Our sense of smell is more sensitive and immediate than any of our other senses, which is why the use of aromatic oils can be so evocative.

Stress is a common modern day malady and it can have a profound effects on mental health.


A growing body of research studies supports this anecdotal experience, finding that all types of stress can harm sleep quality and that sleep deprivation can fuel further stress and irritability.

While these are worrying trends, the good news is that there are ways to treat insomnia and better manage stress.

Taking steps to address these problems can have positive impacts on mood and sleep.

Vision, Mission and Values

We believe everyone deserves a good night sleep!

We provide natural and up-to-date solutions at affordable price to help people to sleep well and live well!

We will create a professional and profitable environment where individuals can, with dignity, be the best version of themselves where integrity, gratuity, and fun are our guides. We will create a passion for educating our beloved consumers the knowledge and belief in, our company, our products, and our industry.