Lemon Organic Oil 柠檬精油 (有机)

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Size: 10ml

Botanical name: Citrus limon

Ingredients: 100% pure and natural Lemon Organic Oil


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Lemon oil is high in Vitamins A, B and C, and contains antioxidant, cleansing and purifying properties, also beneficial for skin care. Its natural essence and crisp aroma is marvellously fresh. Lemon essential oil can uplift low moods and inspire positive thinking.


  • Tones skin. Reduce varicose veins & prevent chilblains, control oil
  • Lifts mood
  • Ease digestion, aids detox
  • Act as antiseptic
  • Relieves colds and lowers body temperature

Folk Use: Energy, purification, antioxidant, cleaning agent, athlete’s foot, oily skin, spots, flu, colds.


  1. Topical: : Use 1-2 drops, dilute with a carrier oil or lotion, apply to desired area. Maximum dilution 2%, phototoxic.
  2. Aromatic: Inhale the aroma directly or diluted in diffuser

Primary Actives: D-Limonene, b-Pinene, terpineol

Color: Pale yellow

Consistency: Thin

Perfumery Note: Top

Strength: Strong

Aromatic Profile: Refreshing, citrus aroma

Plant Part Used: Rind (peel)

Process: Cold pressed

Precautions: Refer to Safety and Precautions page

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